One step forward . . .

As Diana Nyad would say, "Onward!" She is one of my heroes; living proof that age should not be a factor in pursuing your dream. Considering her swim from Cuba to Florida, you can add the following to that list of things that should not be a factor: past failures, people who tell you 'no', and stinging jelly fish.  

Now that I am starting to share my website, a Facebook friend posted today, "You're off to a great start on this site. The challenge always comes in keeping it up to date!" (Killjoy!) He's right, of course. There is a lot of effort ahead of me on this journey. 

My previous website died a stunningly quick death when I removed it in protest of a GoDaddy Ad which celebrated selling puppies online. It had a very specific purpose. The focus of that website, and associated blog, was historic sites. I photographed historic sites and then wrote stories about the history of that place, monument, or whatever it was. It was a passion that started when I was in photography school and it stuck. . . for a while.

The website was started a few years ago when I had a work hiatus (read: i couldn't find any). Believing I should use my time wisely and constructively, no Oprah and no bon-bon's, I thought, why not do something with all of those thoughts knocking around in my head and negatives boxed up in the basement? At the same time I was gathering old friends on this wonder tool called "The Facebook". One of those friends was an actor I had worked with 20+ years earlier. The funny, adorable, and talented Scott "Scoot" McKinley. Among his many talents he was also a writer, photographer, spades player extraordinaire, director, and an absolutely wonderful person through and through. I told Scott about my idea for the blog and he agreed to be my copy editor. We were quite the team. He painstakingly fact checked the words and embraced my crazy style of writing. Scott went so far as to become my number one cheerleader telling me he needed me to write more because he never had a history class or teacher that caught his interest like I had done. 

Off we went, like Bogie & Bacall, Fred and Ginger. . . ack, who am I kidding?  It was more like Lucy and Ethel. Regardless, we were a team and it was fun. Then I found some work and the writing dwindled. A year passed us by and I promised that I would be getting back to the blog after the Christmas break. Then, tragically, one random night on my way home from New York City the news of his passing came over "The Facebook". Two years ago this month I lost my friend, my editor, my cheerleader. He was one of the good guys and it's so hard to believe that he is gone. That's the problem with a virtual friend—his presence seems only a click away. While we weren't in the physical presence of each other for 20 years there is still a huge void.

However, as I said in my intro, Onward! Onward.

I will bring back some of the old posts that Scott and I did together and that will give me the push to add some fresh posts to that list. I have a mentor that recently said "you'll know when it makes your heart sing." Photographing and writing about historic sites, while horribly dull for most, makes my heart sing. Even though dear Scott is not physically here to push and prod me forward, I think it's time to make my heart sing again. 

In your memory I will sing "Red Sails in the Sunset", dear friend. I'll pour myself a little something for a toast and get to my writing.