Back to the basics

A few years ago, when I was looking for work, I searched for jobs like "Interactive Project Manager" or "Interactive Producer" which was the job title that I have had for a number of years.   I found so many job postings I thought that I had struck gold! As it turns out, everyone else in the world equates "Interactive" with web development. (If you have not guessed it, I do not manage websites.)  And all of those companies looking for interactive project managers wanted web experience. Period. End of story. It didn't matter your background, in their eyes there were absolutely no cross functional skills. 

So off I went to the local community college to take night classes in web development. All of this to say that I have been taught, a few times actually, how to build a website, how to code a website, and how to manage a website. But now that I am faced, again, with the task of making my own website? Another story completely. I am stuck, stymied, and getting ready to crawl under my desk with my bankie. While some people would give me counsel that this is a learning experience, I don't see it that way. I see it as "why am I doing this to myself?!" 

As I sit here under my desk, with my bankie, and repeat that question over and over again, there is no real answer. Just a little voice that says "just keep on keepin' on". So, while I wait for tech support to call me I'll just stay here, wrapped in my cocoon, thinking about the days before websites when life was easy.