Outings with Carla

I'm starting to feel like Oprah and Gail with the number of posts I have that include an outing with Carla! But the outings are always memorable and require documentation of some sort. 

This outing, designed by Carla, was to the Delaware Water Gap. And even though I have lived in New Jersey for a number of years I'm not even sure I knew what she was talking about when she proposed the idea, but I was game nonetheless. There would be three stops on our trip. Some water falls, an historic village (yay!) and a red barn. 

And since I was with Carla, it would mean that mother nature would throw us some sort of zinger. She did not disappoint. This outing Mother Nature gave us harsh sunlight and gnats the size of baseballs. (Okay, maybe ping pong balls, but regardless of size I despise the pesky buggers). If we were going to have the harsh light, may as well use it!

Walkway shadows

And as far as the gnats are concerned, I'll just say they were a feature not a bug. (Wha-waaaaaaa)

Shed with Gnat Feature

This is one of those days where I had a lot of pre-conceived notions of what I wanted to shoot. Waterfalls you say? Well, then, must bring my mor-slo filter and get that beautiful dreamy looking water effect. Never happened. Every waterfall shot in the lot is a complete dud. And when I say dud I mean dud in the purest sense. (If anyone has any trouble sleeping I'll send over a few of those shots . . . yawners all). 

NOT a waterfall

This outing was a total lesson learned. And it's a lesson I am hearing over and over in my Candid Conversation interviews. Let the image come to you. Relax. Enjoy the moment. It will happen. 


And sometimes, if it doesn't seem to happen, switch it up. I remembered I had a little plastic Diana lens in my kit that I haven't used in long time. So I did some experiments with that. Experiments are a good thing. Sometimes they are a huge failure, but I'm okay with failure. (We have failure to thank for post its!)

Church organ

View from a pew

I believe some people would have walked away from the day thinking "If only . . .  the day would have been perfect." That's not how I choose to look at it. It was a perfect day out. Learned a few things, had some laughs, a really great lunch at a fantastic deli and got a picture or two to prove I was there. Not a bad day out at all. (Thanks Carla!) 

Church organ

Church organ

Church organ

Locking up



Red barn